Virobel Tablet

Virobel Tablet

Indication: A powerful Anti-oxidant, it protects you from Viral and Bacterial infections
Have a potent anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory properties
Increase the Platelets count and prevents the complication of Thrombocytopenia
Virobel has Immunomodulatory property which stimulates the antibody formation
Useful in Cold and Cough and also it improves digestion
Having blood purifying property which removes the toxin from blood
Very useful in upper respiratory tract infections, it also improves breathing
An effective remedy for all type of fever
It also helps to maintain blood sugar level

Composition: Kalmegh – 120 mg, Tulsi ext-120 mg, Galo ext-120 mg, Papaya Leaves ext -80 mg, Kala Mari – 50 mg, Haridra – 40 mg, Sunth – 30 mg, Musta – 20 mg, Yasthimadhu – 20 mg, Ushira – 20 mg, Parval- 20 mg

Packing: 1x10 Tab blister, 500 tab Jar

DOSAGE: Take 1 -2 Tablets 2-3 times a day or as directed by Physician

Side effects: Not reported any significant adverse effects

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