Traditional oil

01 Kumkumadi Oil A.F.I PART -1 Useful in skin diseases,pimples and facial. Treats discolouration of skin and other skin allergic mainfestation. Remove pimple and acnE
02 Mahamash Oil BAISHAJYA RATNAVALI Useful in nervine disorder, rheumatism etc.
03 Mahanarayan Oil BAISHAJYA RATNAVALI Useful in rheumatic disorder, arthritis, Gout and nerurological disorder, joint pain
04 Vishgarbha Oil BAISHAJYA RATNAVALI Useful in chronic rheumatic disorder and gives instant relief. Vishgarbh oil is useful in pain due to hard work, long walk, due to cold if there is body ache, neuralgia, low back pain. Inflammation in joints, headache. Very effective in vataroga.