01 Amla Churna Tablet A.B -18 Corrects Anemia. It improves body resistance and effective in debilitating condition. Useful in amlapitta (hyper acidity), Burning sensation etc. Useful in eye diseases
02 Arogyvardhini Ras Tab R.T.S.P.S -1 Effective hepto protective , Useful in jaundice, Aneamia, liver and spleen disorders, Promotes health and stamina, improves digestion, liver and renal functions , corrects blood circulation, clear toxins from
03 Ashwagandha Churna Tablet A.B.-18 Useful in General Debility, Act as nutrient and health restorative and anti stress herb. Also useful in nervous break down , senile debility and rheumatism
04 Avipatikar Churna Tab A.B. -18 Checks amla pitta (hyper acidity) biliousness and indigestion. It promotes digestion and evacuation., Also useful in malabandha(Constipation)
05 Gandhak Rasayan Tab R.T.S.P.S-1 A Powerful blood purifier, brings healthier changes, Useful in skin diseases, Allergy
06 Rasayan Churna Tablet ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 A general tonic. Also Useful in urinary tract disorders.
07 Harde Churna Tab A.B. -18 Laxative, Useful in Constipation.
08 Kamududha Ras Tab R.T.S.P.S -1 Checks hyper acidity buring sensation. Anti-biliary, digestive, ensures assimilation and elimination
09 Mahasudarshan Churna Tab R.T.S.P.S- -1 Anti-pyretic, Analgesic, Anti-Malarial anti-inflimmatory Properties. Useful in Influenza with muscular pain, intermittent fever, flu, bronchial fever, and viral fever ect.
10 Sitopladi Churna Tab A.B.-18 Useful in Cough, Asthama, Respiratory disorder etc..
11 Swadistvichren Churna Tab A.B.-18 Useful in constipation, piles. Also act as digestive
12 Saptamrut Loha Tab A.B.-18 Useful in eye diseases
13 Aerand Bhrust Harde Tablet A.B.-18 very powerful in Laxative, Useful in Constipation.
14 Satavary Churna Tablet A.B.-18 Tonic, Aphrodisiac. Useful in General debility.
15 Triphala Churna Tablet A.B.-18 Corrects all digestive disorders. Very Useful remedy in dyspepsia, flatulence and pitta dosa. Act as bowel regulator.