Research and Development


Ayurveda is a medical science that has much wider recognition and prevalence mainly confined to India right from the dawn of human civilization to the present. Out of the total number of 15,000 plant species in India, about 8000 are known to have medicinal properties. We are using many of these plants to our classical and proprietary formulations and also regularly referring ancient writer’s ayurvedic text books for research and development process.  We are focused on research and development for innovative healthcare solutions from natural sources. It follows stringent and universally accepted medical norms for standardization, validation and product development, ensuring world class quality and consistent performance. Our strength lies in our people. Our core team consists of highly trained Q.C staffs and experts, adequately qualified in diversified field like Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Microbiology, Chemistry, Botany, Phytochemistry etc. which made us possible to set new standards of excellence in this field..

The R&D Unit has evolved stringent methods for analyzing and testing of raw materials and end products. A dedicated team of researchers and quality experts are engaged in research and development of new formulations and standardization of drugs. We also have number of Institutional - Collaborations with Pharmacy Colleges, Medical & Ayurvedic Institutions for various basic research..

R&D division of the company focuses on various research areas viz. Herbal and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical, Phytochemical, Cosmeceutical, Analytical, Clinical Research and Development. BELLAN is well equipped with the most modern research facilities. It conducts rigorous trials of new products before taking up execution of industrial production. It is also involved in standardizing manufacturing processes. We have very good collection of books related to valuable Ayurvedic classics and modern pharmaceutics, various standard pharmacopoeias, Scientific Journals and Periodicals which is swelling..