Rasrasayan Vati

01 Agnitundi Vati R.T.S.P.S. – PART – 1 Useful in abdominal pain, gastric distress and indigestion
02 Arogyavardhini Ras Vati & Tab R.T.S.P.S. – PART – 1 Effective hepato protective,Useful in Jaundice, Aneamia, liver and spleen disorders. Promotes health and stamina, improves digestion, liver and renal functions, corrects blood circulation, clear toxins from the system
03 Chandrakala Ras Vati R.T.S.P.S. – PART – 1 Useful in cough, asthma, bleeding disorders and burning sensation etc.
04 Chandraprabha Vati & Tab A.F.I.- PART -1 Useful in urinary disorder, clculas urinary obstruction
05 Chitrakadi Vati B.R Useful in Gas trouble, Flatulence, Agitation by gas, Abdominal pain, Ajirna (Dyspepsia). A digestive appetizer
06 Lasunadi Vati ARYABHISHEK –EDN.18 Effective in digestive impairment, Gas trouble
07 Samsamini Vati A.F.I.- PART -1 Useful in fever, Boil, Skin problems. Blood purifier etc. It improves blood circulation, kidney function and appetite
08 Shankha Vati R.T.S.P.S. – PART – 1 Useful in Indigestion, gas trouble, Dyspepsia, Amlapitta (Hyper acidity)
09 Sutsekhar Ras Vati R.T.S.P.S. – PART – 1 Useful in hyper acidity and gastric distress. Also useful in Burning and abdominal pain