Raktamrut Syrup

Very Active Blood Purifier + Immuno-modulator + Blood building elements

Impurities found in the blood cause many health disorders. It also causes pimples and acnes. Our RAKTAMRUT Syrup contains proven ingredients like Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)- a valuable alterative, demulcent and blood purifier, Manjistha and Neem which take care of the root cause of pimples and the combination ensure perfect blood purification process, a valuable remedy in skin diseases and offers pimple-free glowing skin. Our RAKTAMRUT Syrup not only purifying blood, it has blood building properties and also act as Immuno-modulator.


COMPOSITION: Sariva Root -300 mg, Manjistha Root-200 mg, Neem Bark-150 mg, Galo Stem-100 mg, Harde Fruit-100 mg, Nagarmoth Panchang-100 mg, Gourakhmundi Panchang-100 mg, Khadir Bark-100 mg, Babulchhal Bark-75 mg, Sonamukhi Leaf-75 mg, Bawchi Seed-75 mg, Haldar Rhizome-75 mg, Chopchini Rhizome-30 mg, Nasotar Root-30 mg, Goukhru Fruit -50 mg, Jethimadh Root-50 mg, Kachnar Bark-50 mg, Daruhaldar Stem bark-50 mg, Tulsi Panchang- 30 mg, Vidang Fruit-30 mg, Kachuro Rhizome- 25 mg, Raktachandan Root bark- 25 mg, Indrajav Seed-25 mg, Kadu Root-25 mg, Gulabpatti Leaf-50 mg, Excepients-Q.S., Colour Ponceau Red 4R-Q.S., Flavoured syrup base-Q.S..

DOSAGE: 2 teaspoonful 2 times a day with warm water or as directed by the physician

PRESENTATION: 200 ml. In amber pet bottle.

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