Normacil Tablet

“Cure high B.P. Caused by any reason”

FORMULATION WITH: Sarpagandha Extract - 100 mg, Arjunchhal Extract -60 mg, Jattamansi Extract - 60 mg,Vaj powder - 30 mg, Dudhi powder - 30 mg, Aswagandha powder - 20 mg..

INDICATION: High B.P caused by any reason- Anxiety- Tension- Feeling of uneasiness- Insomnia- Palpitation- Pain in the chest.

DOSAGE: Moderate and high hypertension - 2 TABLET 2 times daily for 1-2 months. Mild hypertension - 1 TABLET before bed for 2 months helps maintain blood pressure level. (Blood pressure level should be monitored. If required dosage can be continued or increased as direct by the physician.).

PRESENTATION: 100 tab bottle packing, 1000 tab jar packing .

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