Belzyme Syrup

“An Ayurvedic tonic especially for digestive disturbances”


FORMULATION WITH: TRIPHALA-300 mg, Trikatu-250mg, Chitrak root bark-225 mg, Kulinjan root-225 mg, Phudina panchang-150 mg, Tamal patra leaf-125mg, Draksha fruit-100 mg, Ajmoda seed-100 mg, Jirru seed-100 mg, Anartwak stem bark- 100 mg, Elaichi fruit-20 mg, Exceipent- Q.S, Caramel colour - Q.S., Flavoured Syrup Base- Q.S.

INDICATION: Indigestion- Anorexia and digestive disturbances- Dyspepsia- Abdominal Distention - Flatulence- Indigestion of protein and fat

DOSAGE: 2 teaspoonful 3 times a day or as directed by the physician

PRESENTATION: 200 ml. In amber pet bottle.

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